Special Committee of the Whole Minutes

6:00 p.m.
Virtual Zoom Meeting
  • Mayor Black,
  • Deputy Mayor Redmond,
  • Councillor Fritz,
  • Councillor Seccaspina,
  • Councillor Randell,
  • Councillor Tennant,
  • and Councillor Atkinson
  • Diane Smithson, CAO,
  • Stacey Blair, Clerk,
  • Pascal Meunier, Director of Protective Services,
  • Trisa McConkey, Treasurer,
  • Joanne Henderson, Manager of Recreation,
  • Tracey Freill, Manager of Childcare Services,
  • Joanna Bowes, Manager of Development Services,
  • Dave Young, Director of Public Works,
  • and Kate Murray, BIA Coordinator

The Committee of the Whole Chair, Deputy Mayor Sean Redmond, called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

  • Motion No.
    Moved by:Councillor Fritz
    Seconded by:Mayor Black

    THAT the agenda be accepted as presented.


Kate Murray, Manager of the BIA addressed the Committee to propose allowing temporary "flex patios" which are temporary enclosures which would be located in existing parking spaces on Bridge Street.  She reported that there is enough interest to rent two (2) units.  These spaces would be covered by the Town's insurance.  

The Committee also considered the speed limit on Bridge Street and if it needs to be reduced.  The Director of Public Works explained the process required to do this and the amount of time that it would take.  After considering the requirements to legally lower the speed limit, the Committee opted to put forward a motion to post signage which would encourage drivers to voluntarily lower their speed.

  • Motion No.
    Moved by:Councillor Fritz
    Seconded by:Councillor Seccaspina

    WHEREAS The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on restaurants and businesses within the Town of Carleton Place;

    AND WHEREAS with respect to restaurants, it is anticipated that even when restaurants are permitted by the Province to open again, it will likely be with certain public health requirements which will limit seating capacities which will continue to have negative impacts on the viability of many restaurants;

    AND WHEREAS, the Town would like to assist restaurants by allowing for temporary outdoor patios and other retail businesses by allowing for additional temporary retail spaces which could help improve their viability in the long-term;

    THAT as per Section 3.44.2 of the Development Permit By-law, Council has the ability to vary the standards, provisions and requirements of the Development Permit By-law of the stated standards subject to the below requirements:

    1. That the project is consistent with and complies with the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) 2020, Lanark County Sustainable Communities Official Plan, and the Town of Carleton Place Official Plan as well as all regulations related to the provincial COVID-19 Emergency Order;
    2. That staff is satisfied that all criteria of the Development Permit By-law have been met or as directed by Council;

    NOW THEREFORE, Council hereby waives all requirements of the Development Permit By-law as per Section 3.44.2 including the requirements for, but not limited to: temporary uses, setbacks, lot coverage, parking requirements, landscaping and any other standard within the Development Permit By-law but excludes permitting development in hazard lands such as flood plains, steep slopes or brownfield sites; and

    THAT the Town permits the use of a total of (6) six parking space(s) immediately in front of businesses or expanded interlock bricked area adjacent to the sidewalk to use as patio or retail space on Bridge Street to be determined between the Town and the Downtown BIA; and

    THAT the Town permits the use of owner-owned parking space(s) in front of businesses to use as patios in other areas of Town; and

    THAT a memorandum of understanding be entered into with the Town of Carleton Place with businesses wishing to use Town-owned property to expand their retail / patio space and/or to use their own parking areas for expanded patio space.

  • Motion No.
    Moved by:Mayor Black
    Seconded by:Councillor Tennant

    BE IT RESOLVED THAT in response to a letter received from the Downtown Business Improvement Area dated June 11, 2020, Council agrees to the following:

    1. The Town will communicate through its various communication channels, that biking/skateboarding is not permitted on downtown sidewalks;
    2. Regular foot patrols by Carleton Place By-law Officers and forwarding a request to OPP for consideration of foot patrols by them to assist in the enforcement of the Town’s sidewalk guidelines;
    3. Town signage, in a format to be determined by staff, in the downtown to remind pedestrians of physical distancing measures; and
    4. The BIA be permitted to install two (2) flex spaces at locations to be approved by the Town, with the Town agreeing to fund the rental of one (1) flex space with the responsibility for the flex spaces remaining with the BIA; and
    5. That the $2,500 of funding for the flex space to be paid by the Town be taken from the $12,000 that Council had previously allocated towards communications for the Downtown Revitalization Project.  
  • Motion No.
    Moved by:Councillor Randell
    Seconded by:Councillor Tennant

    THAT Council authorizes the expenditure of up to $1,000 for new signage on Bridge Street for the purpose of encouraging motorists to reduce their driving speeds; and

    THAT the funds for the signs be taken from the $12,000 that had been previously allocated for Downtown Revitalization Project communications.  


The Manager of the Childcare Services explained to the Committee how the reopening of the Town's Childcare Centre will work and the precautions that will take place so as to provide a safe environment for the children and staff.

Joanne Henderson, Manager of Recreation and Culture, provided an update about how the reopening of the splash pad and pool will work, noting that the numbers of patrons allowed at the pool will be restricted thereby creating reduced revenue implications. 

  • Motion No.
    Moved by:Councillor Fritz
    Seconded by:Councillor Atkinson

    THAT the meeting be adjourned at 7:02 p.m.

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