Virtual Zoom Meeting

  • Recommended Motion:

    THAT the Agenda be approved as presented.

  • Recommended Motion:

    THAT the Council Minutes dated September 22nd, 2020, be accepted as presented.

  • Recommended Motion:

    WHEREAS Resolution 13-131-06 was passed on June 23, 2020 to allow a total of (6) six parking space(s) immediately in front of businesses or expanded interlock bricked areas adjacent to the sidewalk to be used as patio or retail space on Bridge Street to be determined between the Town and the Downtown BIA; and

    WHEREAS the Town also permitted the use of owner-owned parking space(s) in front of businesses to be used as patios in other areas of Town; and

    WHEREAS the completion date for the use of patio space was set as October 13, 2020; and

    WHEREAS a request has been received to extend the deadline for the patios to October 31, 2020;

    NOW THEREFORE Council approves extending the deadline for the temporary patios to October 31, 2020.

  • Recommended Motion:

    THAT By-law 85-2020 (Part Lot Control 32-34 Barryman Street) be read a first, second and third time, and finally passed.

WHEREAS the Town of Carleton Place commits to waste reduction, resource conservation and community education for sustainable living; and

WHEREAS we recognize that losing waste to disposal and litter are local and global threats to the environment, and

WHEREAS we will take action to reduce our waste and support the circular economy;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Town of Carleton Place hereby declares October 19-25, 2020 as Waste Reduction Week in Canada.

  • Recommended Motion:

    THAT By-law No. 86-2020 (To Confirm Council Proceedings) be read a first, second and third time, and finally passed.

  • Recommended Motion:

    THAT the 18th regular meeting of the 131st Council of the Town of Carleton Place be hereby adjourned at ______ p.m.