Special Committee of the Whole Minutes

6:00 p.m.
Virtual Zoom Meeting
  • Mayor Black,
  • Deputy Mayor Redmond,
  • Councillor Fritz,
  • Councillor Seccaspina,
  • Councillor Randell,
  • Councillor Tennant,
  • and Councillor Atkinson
  • Diane Smithson, CAO,
  • Stacey Blair, Clerk,
  • Trisa McConkey, Treasurer,
  • Guy Bourgon, Director of Public Works,
  • Pascal Meunier, Director of Protective Services,
  • Joanne Henderson, Manager of Recreation,
  • Niki Dwyer, Director of Development Services,
  • and Meriah Caswell, Manager of Library Services

Deputy Mayor Sean Redmond called the special Committee of the Whole meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

  • Motion No.
    Moved by:Councillor Fritz
    Seconded by:Councillor Tennant

    THAT the agenda be accepted as presented.

  • Motion No.
    Moved by:Councillor Randell
    Seconded by:Councillor Seccaspina

    THAT the Committee move into closed session at 6:05 p.m. to discuss a matter subject to:

    Section 239 (3.1) Educational or Training Session for members of Council; and

    THAT Diane Smithson, CAO, Stacey Blair, Clerk, Trisa McConkey, Treasurer, Guy Bourgon, Director of Public Works and Andrew Grunda, Consultant, be permitted to participate in the teleconference.

    • Development Charges Background Study - Educational Session
  • Motion No.
    Moved by:Mayor Black
    Seconded by:Councillor Fritz

    THAT the Committee return to open session at 7:20 p.m.


Members of the Committee received instructional information regarding the Development Charges Background Study.  No decisions were made during the Closed Session.

Andrew Grunda, Consultant with Watson & Associates Economists Limited, presented to Council the preliminary findings of the Development Charges Background Study.  The presentation provided information on the following:

  • what development charges (DC) are and how municipalities are empowered to charge them
  • the study process which leads to the adoption of a new DC By-law
  • the process of calculating a development charge in accordance with current legislation
  • changes to the DC Act as a result of the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Act, including changes to eligible services
  • growth forecast projections and projected increases in need for service
  • the draft calculated schedule of development charges and a comparison to the current DCs as well as the DCs of other municipalities; and
  • DC By-law policies including discretionary exemptions and redevelopment credits and indexing
  • Motion No.
    Moved by:Councillor Atkinson
    Seconded by:Councillor Fritz

    THAT the meeting be adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

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